Sponsored Trek finish line

Congratulations to Andy Linn and the team of CHAS trekkers for surviving the freezing cold temperatures of northern Finnland to complete a three day trek which raised £40,500 for the CHAS charity (Childrens Hospices Across Scotland)! What great achievements! Scott Fyffe and the Dundee office of Henderson Stone & Co Ltd were delighted to part-sponsor the 72km journey over frozen lakes and snow covered forests. Conditions were extreme with team members having to pull their own 20kg Nordic toboggan behind them during the day, and enduring temperatures as low as -33ºC whilst camping at night! Describing the experience as an incredibly tough challenge both mentally and physically, the team were also thrilled and grateful to have experienced the incredibly beautiful landscapes and scenery of the Arctic in northern Finland during the challenge.

The event was organised by Breaking Strain. CHAS raises money through many events during the year should you wish to get involved, their big challenge for 2019 will take a group of adventurous people through the Sahara Desert.