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Our Weekly Podcast and Market Overview from Quilter Cheviot

A Slight Recovery

By Alan McIntosh, Chief Investment Strategist

“After an extraordinarily strong August and first few days of September, global share prices experienced a sharp sell-off on Thursday and Friday. This was particularly noticeable in the technology space, with the US Nasdaq Index falling by 6% over the two day period. The broader index was less impacted, but still fell by over 4%. This needs to be placed in some kind of context however. The US market has risen strongly since the lows of March (60% from trough to peak) and some sectors were arguably looking overbought in the short-term. Was there a particular reason for last week’s volatility…? ”

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Weekly podcast: Markets Uncut

“In this week’s Comment, an improvement to the UK housing industry, but for how long? Mamta Valechha, Equity Research Analyst, updates us on the performance of the automotive industry across the world…”