Market Commentary for October 2016

A concise, easy-to-read summary of the latest events shaping investment markets.

Market overview – The FTSE World Index returned a little under 5% in October.

  • UK – The net effect for the FTSE All Share during October was a modest gain of 0.56%
  • Europe – It appears QE will run beyond the March 2017 end date, tapered or not.
  • US – Brexit was a lesson too many about the perils of trying to predict politics.
  • Japan – Japan returned 8% through October (5.33% in local currency).
  • Emerging Markets – October was another strong month for Emerging Markets, up 7.85%.

The Commentary also contains the CAERUS Sentiment Indicator, which provides a very clear ‘dashboard’ of dials showing current sentiment towards the leading asset classes.