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There is no such thing as ‘business as usual’ anymore. In recent years, climate change, sustainability and good governance have risen to be at the heart of current financial services policy making and regulation. What was once only a niche approach is becoming more relevant, not only to investors but also businesses no longer able to ignore their ESG rating

Most people are beginning to understand that climate change, biodiversity loss, water crises and social inequality will likely become more profound in the coming decades. Increasing concern is translating into a significant growth in responsible, sustainable and impact investment, where investors look to invest in companies that work on having a positive impact on society and the natural world.

Where we can help

  • All our restricted fund offerings now have independent ESG Integration assessments
  • For investors who want to place strict exclusions on their investments, we use negative and positive screening on our ethical investment offering. 
  • Responsible investment and ESG dedicated fund options, offering investment in growing businesses involved in sustainability and environmental technologies. 
  • Positive Change Investment Strategy: A discretionary investment strategy for clients who would like ESG considerations to be a key driver of their investment selection.  

Download: Responsible investment made easier - factsheet

Ethical Investment

Ethical investment is available to clients through our Discretionary Portfolio Service (DPS). Ethical investments traditionally focused on excluding companies from your investment portfolio whose activities conflict with your own ethical standpoint. Examples of commonly excluded sectors would be, tobacco, arms, gambling and alcohol, but this has now grown to include more environmental and social aspects such as, animal testing and welfare issues, negative corporate governance, human rights, nuclear and pollution. There is now also an inclusive element to investment criteria whereby investment managers seek out companies with positive environmental and social attributes, so ethical funds can now reflect a range of approaches from purely exclusive to purely engagement. We recognise also these are all very personal choices, so we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our advisers take into account your social, ethical and environmental priorities, screening out sectors and companies you may want to avoid, and including those you want to include that focus on positive criteria.

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All our investment funds now have independent ESG assessment ratings
read more here… ESG assessments on our investment funds.

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