Our Values

All our dealings with you, as a client, are focused on putting you first. From using clear, understandable language to responding promptly with queries and requests through the whole process of creating and protecting your wealth.

Putting our customers first

We value every one of our customers, we will seek to understand your needs through a fact find in order to provide the products or service that best suits your circumstances. Your experience with us should be positive and transparent, providing you with a prompt, efficient and courteous service.

Respecting your privacy

We will respect your privacy in accordance with your expectations. We will always be clear and upfront about why we collect information from you (a fact find, for example) and how that information is going to be used.

Being honest & fair

We will always be clear, open and transparent about all our costs and processes, and deliver what we promise. We always offer an initial no-obligation meeting with you, at our expense, during which we will discuss your needs, explain our services and clearly outline our fees.

Protecting your data

During our meetings with you it will be necessary to collect personal data, you will always know who is collecting the data, why it is being collected and for what it will be used. All our customer data is held safely and securely and for no longer than is necessary.

Taking responsibility

We take full responsibility for your entire customer experience with us, whether we provide that in-house or it is out sourced to a third party. If things do go wrong (as sometimes they do) we will act immediately to have things fixed as soon as possible.


Some of the ways we help to grow and protect your savings:

Tax efficiency

We make sure that we utilise as many of your tax reliefs and allowances each year so that your money grows faster.

Investor protection

We look at how best to maximise your protection under the Financial Services Compensation scheme (FSCS) so that your investments are “safer”.

Conducting due diligence

We conduct thorough and robust due diligence and research on all the investment funds and products that we use – with over 9000 instruments in the UK.

Someone you can rely on through difficult times

Moving home, business transition, divorce, death, and even taking out a pension or investment for the first time can be stressful – it is valuable to have our experience and expertise to assist and guide you through them.