State Pension to go up from April 2021

State Pension to go up from April 2021 Iain Leggat writes in The Scotsman (27.11.2020): “Retired people are set for a 2.5 per cent rise in income next April, which will see people get up to £230 extra a year in their state pension. The rise comes thanks to a triple lock system which means … Read more

Sunak Spending Review – Cut in Value of Workplace Pensions

Mature couple pictured to go along with pension post

Millions Face Cut in Value of Workplace Pensions BBC personal finance correspondent for the BBC Kevin Peachey, writes (27.11.2020):  “Millions of retirees will see the future value of their pension cut owing to a planned change in the way payments are calculated from 2030. Many of those with so-called defined benefit workplace pensions see their … Read more

Find pension details

Find Pension Details Have you lost track of a pension? These days it is not uncommon for an individual to have had employment with a number of different companies during their working life. Or have had to set-up a personal pension for themselves to cover periods where they were self-employed or the employer did not … Read more

Patience & planning are key in uncertain markets

Volatility in the investment markets continued last Thursday (12 March, 2020) as global markets reacted to measures enacted by governments around the world in response to the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak. In the UK, the FTSE 100 index fell 10.9% and in the US the Dow Jones Industrial Average index dropped 10% as the … Read more

Spring Budget Summary 2020

Spring Budget Summary 2020 Click here ‘Spring Budget Summary 2020’ to read Quilter Financial Planning’s summary of Rishi Sunak’s Budget speech, covering; Budget highlights Personal taxation Pensions, savings and investments Capital taxes Business taxes VAT Tax avoidance and evasion Tax tables       This Budget Statement summary is provided strictly for general consideration only. … Read more