Why Use Us

Henderson Stone & Co Ltd

Part of Quilter Financial Planning,
an Award Winning National Network

Our values

All our dealings with you, as a client, are focused on putting you first. From using clear, understandable language to responding promptly with queries and requests through the whole process of creating and protecting your wealth.

 Putting customers first

We know our clients are at the heart of our business, that’s why our focus is on doing the very best for them. Not only do we want to provide you with the best solutions for creating and protecting your wealth, but that your experience with us will be a positive one through our prompt, efficient, transparent and courteous service.


  We will always be clear, open and transparent about all our costs and processes. We always offer an initial no-obligation meeting with you, at our expense, during which we will discuss your needs, explain our services and clearly outline our fees. Find out more about your options for paying and our ongoing service charges here… 

Taking responsibility

We take full responsibility for your entire customer experience with us, whether we provide that in-house or it is out sourced to a third party. If things do go awry (as sometimes they do) we will act immediately to have things put right as soon as possible. Our contact details…


Peace of mind

We are a member of Quilter Financial Planning, a part of Quilter, one of the leading providers of advice, investments and wealth management in the UK and internationally. Through Quilter’s rigorous research and governance, our investment process is designed to look after your wealth no matter how uncertain things become. Read more about Quilter here…