Man wearing mask to prevent infection from coronavirus

Our Weekly Podcast and Market Overview from Quilter Cheviot


Alan McIntosh, Chief Investment Strategist

“Despite the number of deaths from coronavirus now exceeding fatalities linked to SARS, global stock markets rebounded sharply last week, making up for much of the fall experienced in the previous fortnight. While this may seem perverse, there is an inherent assumption that the virus will shortly be contained and that the economic impact will be minor.

In truth, it is too early to tell. With much of China in lockdown, there is an immediate impact on manufacturing and consumption, both within and outside the country. Some factories are due to return to work today, but many won’t. There will be an impact on GDP this quarter which some estimate at between 1-2%…”

Weekly podcast: Markets Uncut

Is coronavirus or its impact spreading beyond China? Join Richard Carter and Sebastian Scott on Quilter Cheviot’s Markets Uncut podcast to find out more. Plus, Matt Ennion, our UK fund analyst on Woodford and the ramifications on the wider UK investing scene.

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