Photo of Shanghai lanterns representing market commentary on China

Our Weekly Podcast and Market Overview from Quilter Cheviot


By Alan McIntosh, Chief Investment Strategist

“Global financial markets have been negatively impacted by the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, an infectious and potentially deadly respiratory disease. Thought to have originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, there have been just under 3,000 confirmed cases, with 80 fatalities (at the time of writing.) There are obvious similarities with SARS, which broke out around seventeen years ago.

In November 2002, the SARS outbreak started in Guangdong province in China and by March 2003 had spread to Hong Kong and subsequently to 32 countries. Around 8,000 people were infected and roughly one in ten subsequently died.

Aside from the human toll, the economic impact was mainly on China, with an estimate hit to GDP of between 1-2 per cent…”

Weekly podcast: Markets Uncut

As investors try to assess the implications of the coronavirus, listen to Richard’s assessment to see what we can learn from the SARS epidemic. Plus, will the Bank of England cut interest rates and are things looking brighter for the eurozone economy. Follow the link below for the Quilter Weekly podcast…