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Our Brief Weekly Economic and World Markets Overview from Quilter Cheviot

Economic Overview

by Richard Carter, Head of Fixed Interest Research

“The news in the UK continues to be dominated by the election with the Tories seemingly on course for a comfortable majority following the implosion of the Brexit Party. The election so far though has been less about Brexit and more about the various spending promises being dreamt up to buy a few votes. Whoever wins, it seems that gilt markets will have a lot more issuance to absorb in the coming years…”

Market Overview

By Alan McIntosh, Chief Investment Strategist

“US shares powered to new all-time highs last week. Optimism around the prospects of a trade rapprochement with China was largely behind the rise, helping other global stock markets to move upwards in sympathy. The notable exception was Hong Kong, where an intensification of clashes between protestors and the police continued to weigh on sentiment. In the UK, a twenty point opinion poll lead by the Conservatives over Labour sent the pound higher, taking the edge off the largely international FTSE 100 index, but favouring the less currency sensitive mid-cap FTSE 250 index… ”