China and USA handshake

Our Brief Weekly Economic and World Markets Overview from Quilter Cheviot

Economic Overview

by Richard Carter, Head of Fixed Interest Research

“The US and China continue to inch towards a trade deal and investors have welcomed China’s latest move to tighten intellectual property rules, something that the US side has been pushing for. Hong Kong remains a possible bone of contention – especially after Congress passed a bill supporting the protestors – but Donald Trump seems ready to look the other way and secure an agreement with President Xi…”

Market Overview

By Alan McIntosh, Chief Investment Strategist

“For such a week of high activity, global equity markets were largely nonplussed. The ebb and flow around the US/China trade talks er, ebbed and flowed. Markets are still of the view that some level of accommodation will be reached in the next few weeks. The announcement that another billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, is entering the fairly crowded list of Democratic contenders for the 2020 US presidential election barely registered… ”