Protection Insurance

Protecting your home and your quality of life

Protection insurance and finding the right cover for your budget

There are events in life we could all face that have the potential to make our lives very difficult. It’s not a nice thing to think about, but you might not always be healthy. And if you’re not, the first thing you and your family will miss is your income.

Taking out the right level of protection is aimed at helping you to keep your home (or property) and will also help to maintain the standard of living for you, and your family, should something untoward happen.

Where we can help

  • Protection insurance to secure your home, your income and your standard of living, should the worst happen.
  • Reviewing your protection plans through the different stages of your life.
  • Recommending the right cover for your needs within your budget.

Guide to Our Protection Services

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Understanding your needs

Before we offer any advice and recommendations we will always conduct a thorough fact-find to make sure we understand your personal circumstances. It’s possible you already have enough protection in place, or enough savings to see you and your family through any financial disruption, and we will confirm this if it is the case.

If you don’t, we will look at what protection you’ve taken out personally, any protection your employer gives you, and any state benefits you may be entitled to. We’ll also help you consider how long you could pay essential bills if you are unable to work, and establish if there are any potential gaps in your protection needs. 

Once this is worked out, we’ll research the most suitable products, before designing a bespoke solution that’s tailored especially for you. Our recommendations will offer the right cover for your budget. 

Critical Decisions Questionnaire

Preparing for the unexpected – a set of questions to highlight in which areas you might need protection.

Click here to read or download ‘Critical Decisions Questionnaire’

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