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Find Pension Details

Have you lost track of a pension?

These days it is not uncommon for an individual to have had employment with a number of different companies during their working life. Or have had to set-up a personal pension for themselves to cover periods where they were self-employed or the employer did not provide a pension (before October 2012). This can make keeping track of different pension pots more difficult. If you are now beginning to think about planning your retirement you’ll need to know how much income you might be going to receive from your pensions – which could include workplace pensions, personal pensions you’ve set up, as well as your state pension. You may even have lost track of one or more pension details altogether, especially if you’ve moved house and no longer receive annual statements.

Annual pension statements

If you’ve ever been a member of a workplace or personal pension scheme you should receive an annual statement from your employer or your pension provider. This will give you an estimate of the amount of retirement income you could receive once you stop work. If for whatever reason you are no longer receiving the annual statement there are three options available to you for tracking down lost pension details.

Workplace pension

If it was a workplace pension you will need to get in touch with your previous employer. Your workplace pension may also include a personal or stakeholder pension scheme, if this was set up for you. Call their HR department along with the dates you were employed, dates your were in the pension scheme – if you know them, and your national insurance number.

Pension provider

If you know who the pension provider was you should contact them directly. You’ll be asked to provide as much information as you can, such as; the date your pension was set up, the plan number and your national insurance number. By asking the following questions you’ll get a good overview of your pension:

  • How much has been contributed into the pension?
  • What charges are you paying?
  • How much income you’re likely to receive from the pension at your retirement date?
  • How is the pension invested and how much flexibility is there to make changes?
  • Would there be a transfer fee to move the pension to another provider?
  • Who is the nominated recipient for any death benefits?
  • What are the death benefits?

Find pension details on

If you have no luck with either of the above you can contact the Government pension tracing service – use the link at the bottom of the page.

This is a free online service with a huge database of pension schemes and can help with finding the contact details you need for your own workplace or personal pension scheme, or someone else’s scheme – if you have their permission. You’ll need the name of the employer, or pension provider. This service won’t tell you whether you have a pension, or what its value is.

Due to coronavirus you cannot at the moment communicate by post but you can request details by phone on: 0800 731 0193. However with current Covid-19 restrictions the online service is the fastest option.

Check your state pension on

Use this online service to find out how much state pension you could get, the date you could start to receive it, and how to increase it (if this is possible):

  • – find pension contact details
  • – check your state pension
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